Marketing, Commute and Traffic in the Philippines

I am not really a fan of billboards on expressways because it is a distraction for drivers, although I am a marketing professional myself and managing an international men’s cosmetic brand. However with the current situation in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) going towards SKYWAY wherein traffic is horrible, from heavy to standstill…billboards are becoming anContinue reading “Marketing, Commute and Traffic in the Philippines”

How to Process Death Certificate and Burial Permit in the Philippines

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”- J.K. Rowling There are so many quotes about death and life but this, by J.K. Rowling is one that I can relate most. Few days ago our family had to say goodbye to my aunt. She was 80-yrs old and had been bed riddenContinue reading “How to Process Death Certificate and Burial Permit in the Philippines”

Anecdote Series: The Indian Mango Vendor

I have countless anecdotes which made my family and friends laugh, reflect, agree, and disagree. These stories also touched their being which I have shared verbally or sometimes posted on my social pages.

What Is A Dog Friendly Coffee Shop in BGC, Taguig

My 7-yr old Labrador Retriever, Callen, is quite a huge baby, although he is very friendly and calm,  people, especially those are not dog-lovers get scared of him when we are out in public places. One day my friend Kelly whom I have not seen for over 6 years invited us for that long overdueContinue reading “What Is A Dog Friendly Coffee Shop in BGC, Taguig”

Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy

I share a lot of my feel good stories and posted them on IG and FB. The reception was overwhelming coming from my friends. So, I thought of sharing them on this platform and infect everyone with happy thoughts. I hope you like these stories and you get some insights out of it. I alsoContinue reading “Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy”

Showing Appreciation on Gift Received

Last Christmas I received gifts from family members, friends, colleagues and business partners. Now before I tell you guys what is one of those gifts I received, I’d like to share to you a secret. I cannot wait to open gifts given to me, why? Because I am always excited about gifts and the thoughtContinue reading “Showing Appreciation on Gift Received”


Attending training or a seminar is one way of improving competency at work. Lucky are those whose company has enough budget to send their employees on a regular training every year. How about those who work for an organisation that does not allocate monies for skills development of their employees? If you are one theseContinue reading “FREE TRAINING BY NATIONAL WAGES AND PRODUCTIVITY BOARD”

Sagada Accident and Recovery

February 22, 24 and March 1 are very unforgettable date for me. One year ago on that same dates, an unexpected event happened while I was on a holiday. I was spelunking with a friend in Sagada, even recommended the most difficult trail which is the Cave Connection. The latter is a demanding trail thatContinue reading “Sagada Accident and Recovery”

LGBP Sonogram

“You’ve lost weight? You look slim than the last time I saw you.” A friend remarked while we are eating snacks one hot afternoon. “You think so? I feel huge and my tummy is bulging.” Was my reply while complaining about the bloated feeling. “Well if you are feeling bad about it why don’t youContinue reading “LGBP Sonogram”