Where To Buy Avanza Tires In Metro Manila

To own a car in the Philippines used to be a status symbol. I suppose until now it may still be a status symbol for some. For me however, having my own car is a necessity. Living in a place where public transport is so bad, my definition of bad; is when most of theContinue reading “Where To Buy Avanza Tires In Metro Manila”

Where to schedule your next vehicle preventive maintenance in Bacoor

My 5-yr old company issued car Avanza, always gets complimented for looking and performing like a new one. The reason for such is because it has always been maintained by its dealer Toyota Pasongtamo branch. Being a chemist , I am quite meticulous and usually discuss issues I encounter with the unit with my serviceContinue reading “Where to schedule your next vehicle preventive maintenance in Bacoor”

How to register a motorised vehicle and transfer ownership?

I have been driving for over 20-years however I have not experienced registering a vehicle at Land Transport Office as well as processing transfer of ownership. This is my first time (yep am writing this while waiting at LTO) and oh boy , it is a roller coaster ride! I don’t want you to feelContinue reading “How to register a motorised vehicle and transfer ownership?”

Where To Buy Made to Order Leather Goods in Metro Manila

Yesterday was my first day at fashion school after a long holiday. Was glad I’ve completed my 5th project and started creating patterns for the 6th and 7th projects. My schedule was a bit light so I decided to spend more time during lunch break. After a quick lunch, I decided to look around atContinue reading “Where To Buy Made to Order Leather Goods in Metro Manila”


The bookworm in me is smitten by the big bad wolf! The biggest book sale in the world (that’s BookXcess’ claim) got me captivated! This is the first ever book sale organised by BookXcess in the Philippines that offers as much as 80% OFF on all titles, both soft and hard bound books. I amContinue reading “BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALE”