Where to Snorkel and dive in Mabini, Batangas

There’s no place like home, except the beach. Do you agree? The beach is one place that give me solace aside from my own home. So when life becomes too noisy, busy and stressful, I go to my comfort place somewhere near our city. One of the dive resort that I frequent is Mayumi ResortsContinue reading “Where to Snorkel and dive in Mabini, Batangas”

Haiku 03- Green Leaf

In our day to day life we often see the same thing over and over again, and thus they become a regular perhaps ordinary to us. These ordinary things and events most of the time we no longer notice unless something stands out. I maybe guilty of not paying attention to these common things aroundContinue reading “Haiku 03- Green Leaf”

A Good Grill Cafe and Restaurant Along Tagaytay-Batangas Road

The restaurant is called Golden View Grill Cafe and Restaurant. The signage looks decent and the place itself looks comfortable. It has several parking spaces, probably it can cater to maximum 8 cars, luckily the place is almost empty. I like the facade, it is simple and the country vibe…

Batanes’ San Carlos Borromeo Church and Blank Book Archives

I’m both a spontaneous and organised traveller… but experience had taught me that “some of the most thrilling things in life are done on impulse”, if  I may quote Syrie James. And so on a rainy month of August, more out of whim than thrill,  I decided to travel in Batanes with a friend. MyContinue reading “Batanes’ San Carlos Borromeo Church and Blank Book Archives”


One Sunday I went to Tagaytay to attend a kiddie birthday party. I left our place as  early as 9:30 A.M. although the party was scheduled at 1:00 P.M.  It’s not because I was excited to attend a party but for the reason that I don’t want to be stuck in traffic, although Tagaytay isContinue reading “MUSHROOM BURGER IN TAGAYTAY”

Where to find Vegan Food in Makati City Part 1

In my previous post I remarked that being a vegan working in the central business district of Metro Manila like Makati City is a bit challenging. At the beginning I really had a hard time to look for my food preference hence I opted to bring my packed lunch instead. I can cook so cookingContinue reading “Where to find Vegan Food in Makati City Part 1”

Discovering Daruanak Island, Camsur

“Let’s go to Bicol on second week of May”..my friend told me over messenger. Without much ado, I agreed because it’s been a long overdue plan. The idea is to drive from Makati to Pasacao, Camarines Sur where their home is. It is a 10-hr trip by land , so am glad that we bothContinue reading “Discovering Daruanak Island, Camsur”

Chupu Altar and Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival Museum

On my previous post, I promised to write a separate story about my adventure in Zhong Zheng Park in Keelung which eventually led me to Chupu Altar and the museum at the first floor which is called Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum. Before I write about my funny escapade let me share some basic information aboutContinue reading “Chupu Altar and Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival Museum”

Vegan in Tokyo

Being a vegan is quite a challenge in the Philippines, it is a bit difficult to find vegan cuisine when dining out. Despite my beloved country being an agricultural land, vegans like me felt that plant based food offered in restaurants are limited. So how do I survive? For one, I prepare my meals atContinue reading “Vegan in Tokyo”

Best Things To Do in Keelung City

“You’re going to Taipei?” Most of my friend enquired after finding out that I am flying to Taiwan. I said “nope, will stay and roam around Keelung City”. Don’t get me wrong, Taipei is one of my fave Asian City. To which my friend replied “Where is Keelung? And what are you going to do?”Continue reading “Best Things To Do in Keelung City”

The Album of “Producing Ceramics” at Taiwan National Palace Museum

Last summer I went to Taipei to visit my cousin and roam around my fave city. I also took the opportunity to meet my Taiwanese friend and ex-colleague, it’s a great thing he offered to tour me in tourist destination that I never get a chance to see during my previous visits. I stayed forContinue reading “The Album of “Producing Ceramics” at Taiwan National Palace Museum”

Where to Eat in Binondo (Chinatown)

I have spent my 35 years (oopsss have I just revealed my age?) in Manila yet I cannot say that I’ve explored every nook and cranny of this huge city. I can however say that more or less I can show you around this historical city for cultural immersion and the like. May it beContinue reading “Where to Eat in Binondo (Chinatown)”

Flight to Batanes

Exploring Batanes has always been in my bucket list. I have traveled in foreign lands both personal and business trips yet travelling to this scenic island in the northern most tip of the country was always stalled. One major reason that hinders me I suppose is the expensive airfare. The ticket fee is more costlyContinue reading “Flight to Batanes”

The Great Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

“You are going to Zamboanga? It is a dangerous place!” This is the usual statement I hear from friends, family and acquaintances. Every time they say that, I always end up explaining that Zamboanga City is a progressive and safe place even for tourists…hey don’t misunderstand me I am only referring to the city, beyondContinue reading “The Great Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City”

Stations of the Cross at Marian Orchard, Batangas

The Holy Week is observed in the Philippines because this is predominantly a Catholic country. However as years passby, there are noticeable changes on how our society observe the Holy Week. More and more people are traveling and enjoying during this holy season rather than celebrating in a more traditional way. On the other hand,Continue reading “Stations of the Cross at Marian Orchard, Batangas”

Jaro Cathedral Visit

Visiting museums and centuries old churches is always in my travel (business or leisure) to-do list. Just recently while waiting for a known supermarket to open to conduct trade check ( I arrived in the area at 9am) I decided to visit Jaro Cathedral which is canonically known as Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and the NationalContinue reading “Jaro Cathedral Visit”