Malapascua island is known for its white sand beach and was formerly called Bounty beach because of the bountiful, lovely coral gardens and walls. Then in the early 1990s it became, and until now a popular dive destination.

How to Process Death Certificate and Burial Permit in the Philippines

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”- J.K. Rowling There are so many quotes about death and life but this, by J.K. Rowling is one that I can relate most. Few days ago our family had to say goodbye to my aunt. She was 80-yrs old and had been bed riddenContinue reading “How to Process Death Certificate and Burial Permit in the Philippines”

Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy

I share a lot of my feel good stories and posted them on IG and FB. The reception was overwhelming coming from my friends. So, I thought of sharing them on this platform and infect everyone with happy thoughts. I hope you like these stories and you get some insights out of it. I alsoContinue reading “Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy”

Chupu Altar and Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival Museum

On my previous post, I promised to write a separate story about my adventure in Zhong Zheng Park in Keelung which eventually led me to Chupu Altar and the museum at the first floor which is called Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum. Before I write about my funny escapade let me share some basic information aboutContinue reading “Chupu Altar and Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival Museum”

Vegan in Tokyo

Being a vegan is quite a challenge in the Philippines, it is a bit difficult to find vegan cuisine when dining out. Despite my beloved country being an agricultural land, vegans like me felt that plant based food offered in restaurants are limited. So how do I survive? For one, I prepare my meals atContinue reading “Vegan in Tokyo”

Hole-in-a-Wall Japanese Resto in Dela Rosa Street, Makati

Jollijeep or Jolly-jeep? If you hear this word and you know what it means then it’s a tell-tale sign that you work in Makati City, Philippines. It is actually a licensed food cart that are scattered around the city which is the meals source of the working class because of the location convenience and itContinue reading “Hole-in-a-Wall Japanese Resto in Dela Rosa Street, Makati”

Pahiyas Festival

Summer or dry is the most awaited season the country. Why, because this is the best time to go island hopping and frolic in the white sandy beach under the clear blues skies. But..hey did you know that there are so many reasons why you should spend summer in the Philippines aside from beach hopping?Continue reading “Pahiyas Festival”

Sagada Accident and Recovery

February 22, 24 and March 1 are very unforgettable date for me. One year ago on that same dates, an unexpected event happened while I was on a holiday. I was spelunking with a friend in Sagada, even recommended the most difficult trail which is the Cave Connection. The latter is a demanding trail thatContinue reading “Sagada Accident and Recovery”

Bulacan Chicharon, Pasalubong And More

Traffic condition in Bulacan especially in key cities will surely raise your blood pressure to the roof! But hey there are other things that will elevate your BP yet these are the good, sinful goodies that you can take home as pasalubong. YES! I took them home and I was happy with them so IContinue reading “Bulacan Chicharon, Pasalubong And More”

Vista Aplaya Beach Resort in Mabini, Batangas

One need not book a flight just to go to a lovely and relaxing beach resort in this country. Some may say that the best resorts are down south (in Visayas and Mindanao) but I beg to disagree. There are still clean and beautiful beaches near Metro, Manila. A to go place is barangay Anilao,Continue reading “Vista Aplaya Beach Resort in Mabini, Batangas”

10 Things to do and places to see in Aurora other than Baler

Baler is the top of mind for most people when they hear the word Aurora (province). Definitely the most well-known destination in the Aurora but did you know that Baler is not the only tourist spot that this province offers? There’s so much more that it has to show and I found about it afterContinue reading “10 Things to do and places to see in Aurora other than Baler”

Discover Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija

Every time I go to Cabanatuan, Nueva  Ecija, I usually tease a friend that there’s nothing to see in her province except for vast rice fields and thousands of tricycles. This province is the tricycle capital of the Philippines with around 30,000 registered tricycle in 2009! One day I was teasing her again during myContinue reading “Discover Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija”

My take on motherhood

Motherhood is a dream for most women and it’s a very special gift that should be treasured. Being a mother means realizing the potentials of the children and finding ways to improve and develop them. I may not be a mother of a human being, but I always have been a mother to my four-leggedContinue reading “My take on motherhood”

Trade Check and Photo Shoot in Abra 

One of the perks of my job, if I may call it a perk is to visit different places as well as meet people and learn their cultures. It also give me a chance to practice my photography hobby. In between travels, I make it a point to take several snaps of lovely places. I’dContinue reading “Trade Check and Photo Shoot in Abra “

Where To Gas Up In Ilocos Norte

One of the advantages of driving your own car when traveling by land is that you’re free to stop in any point or areas that catches your interest. This can’t be done when commuting. On the other hand, spending a big amount of money for gas will make you think twice. I have been travelingContinue reading “Where To Gas Up In Ilocos Norte”