Where to Eat in Binondo (Chinatown)

I have spent my 35 years (oopsss have I just revealed my age?) in Manila yet I cannot say that I’ve explored every nook and cranny of this huge city. I can however say that more or less I can show you around this historical city for cultural immersion and the like. May it beContinue reading “Where to Eat in Binondo (Chinatown)”

The Great Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

“You are going to Zamboanga? It is a dangerous place!” This is the usual statement I hear from friends, family and acquaintances. Every time they say that, I always end up explaining that Zamboanga City is a progressive and safe place even for tourists…hey don’t misunderstand me I am only referring to the city, beyondContinue reading “The Great Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City”

Bulacan Chicharon, Pasalubong And More

Traffic condition in Bulacan especially in key cities will surely raise your blood pressure to the roof! But hey there are other things that will elevate your BP yet these are the good, sinful goodies that you can take home as pasalubong. YES! I took them home and I was happy with them so IContinue reading “Bulacan Chicharon, Pasalubong And More”

 2017 FRIDAY’S TGIF Challenge …. 1st Friday

So many stories to talk about, thousands of photos to choose and share  and  countless adventures worth blogging, yet today I choose to write about numerous reasons to be thankful and express my gratitude to Him, not in one sitting instead every Friday. I’ll call it Friday’s TGIF Challenge. The rule of this challenge isContinue reading ” 2017 FRIDAY’S TGIF Challenge …. 1st Friday”