Sunflowers start to blossom in our garden and the neighbor’s front yard. They dance with the wind and follow the sun, oblivious of bees visiting them nor of my presence 🙂 I usually sit on a a cement block situated near these flowers every morning, while I sip my freshly brewed coffee and play fetchContinue reading “SUNFLOWER POEMS”

How to Process Death Certificate and Burial Permit in the Philippines

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”- J.K. Rowling There are so many quotes about death and life but this, by J.K. Rowling is one that I can relate most. Few days ago our family had to say goodbye to my aunt. She was 80-yrs old and had been bed riddenContinue reading “How to Process Death Certificate and Burial Permit in the Philippines”

Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy

I share a lot of my feel good stories and posted them on IG and FB. The reception was overwhelming coming from my friends. So, I thought of sharing them on this platform and infect everyone with happy thoughts. I hope you like these stories and you get some insights out of it. I alsoContinue reading “Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy”