What Is A Dog Friendly Coffee Shop in BGC, Taguig

My 7-yr old Labrador Retriever, Callen, is quite a huge baby, although he is very friendly and calm,  people, especially those are not dog-lovers get scared of him when we are out in public places. One day my friend Kelly whom I have not seen for over 6 years invited us for that long overdueContinue reading “What Is A Dog Friendly Coffee Shop in BGC, Taguig”

My take on motherhood

Motherhood is a dream for most women and it’s a very special gift that should be treasured. Being a mother means realizing the potentials of the children and finding ways to improve and develop them. I may not be a mother of a human being, but I always have been a mother to my four-leggedContinue reading “My take on motherhood”