Malapascua island is known for its white sand beach and was formerly called Bounty beach because of the bountiful, lovely coral gardens and walls. Then in the early 1990s it became, and until now a popular dive destination.

A Good Grill Cafe and Restaurant Along Tagaytay-Batangas Road

The restaurant is called Golden View Grill Cafe and Restaurant. The signage looks decent and the place itself looks comfortable. It has several parking spaces, probably it can cater to maximum 8 cars, luckily the place is almost empty. I like the facade, it is simple and the country vibe…

Batanes’ San Carlos Borromeo Church and Blank Book Archives

I’m both a spontaneous and organised traveller… but experience had taught me that “some of the most thrilling things in life are done on impulse”, if  I may quote Syrie James. And so on a rainy month of August, more out of whim than thrill,  I decided to travel in Batanes with a friend. MyContinue reading “Batanes’ San Carlos Borromeo Church and Blank Book Archives”


One Sunday I went to Tagaytay to attend a kiddie birthday party. I left our place as  early as 9:30 A.M. although the party was scheduled at 1:00 P.M.  It’s not because I was excited to attend a party but for the reason that I don’t want to be stuck in traffic, although Tagaytay isContinue reading “MUSHROOM BURGER IN TAGAYTAY”

Discovering Daruanak Island, Camsur

“Let’s go to Bicol on second week of May” friend told me over messenger. Without much ado, I agreed because it’s been a long overdue plan. The idea is to drive from Makati to Pasacao, Camarines Sur where their home is. It is a 10-hr trip by land , so am glad that we bothContinue reading “Discovering Daruanak Island, Camsur”

Obando Feast of the Three Saints and Fertility Dance 2019

I am a person who is very interested and eager to learn about different cultures, but why go farther if our very own culture is quite fascinating. So while I observe and understand the cultures of my friends from different parts of the world, I am also studying and exposing myself to our very ownContinue reading “Obando Feast of the Three Saints and Fertility Dance 2019”

Vegan in Tokyo

Being a vegan is quite a challenge in the Philippines, it is a bit difficult to find vegan cuisine when dining out. Despite my beloved country being an agricultural land, vegans like me felt that plant based food offered in restaurants are limited. So how do I survive? For one, I prepare my meals atContinue reading “Vegan in Tokyo”

LOMI: A Filipino Cuisine Part 1

I love to try every regional Filipino dish – when I say regional dish, this means cuisines of 144 distinct ethno-linguistic groups found throughout the Philippine archipelago. To satisfy my penchant for food, during my travel, leisure or work related I make it a point to sample at least one local dish. I hope toContinue reading “LOMI: A Filipino Cuisine Part 1”

Best Things To Do in Keelung City

“You’re going to Taipei?” Most of my friend enquired after finding out that I am flying to Taiwan. I said “nope, will stay and roam around Keelung City”. Don’t get me wrong, Taipei is one of my fave Asian City. To which my friend replied “Where is Keelung? And what are you going to do?”Continue reading “Best Things To Do in Keelung City”

THE CLOUD by Percy Bysshe Shelley

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer carry rain or ushers storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” This is how one of my fave poet Rabindranath Tagore best describe how I feel every time I see clouds in the sky. And so when I see them, I can’t help but smile,Continue reading “THE CLOUD by Percy Bysshe Shelley”

Where To Buy Made to Order Leather Goods in Metro Manila

Yesterday was my first day at fashion school after a long holiday. Was glad I’ve completed my 5th project and started creating patterns for the 6th and 7th projects. My schedule was a bit light so I decided to spend more time during lunch break. After a quick lunch, I decided to look around atContinue reading “Where To Buy Made to Order Leather Goods in Metro Manila”

Hole-in-a-Wall Japanese Resto in Dela Rosa Street, Makati

Jollijeep or Jolly-jeep? If you hear this word and you know what it means then it’s a tell-tale sign that you work in Makati City, Philippines. It is actually a licensed food cart that are scattered around the city which is the meals source of the working class because of the location convenience and itContinue reading “Hole-in-a-Wall Japanese Resto in Dela Rosa Street, Makati”

Flight to Batanes

Exploring Batanes has always been in my bucket list. I have traveled in foreign lands both personal and business trips yet travelling to this scenic island in the northern most tip of the country was always stalled. One major reason that hinders me I suppose is the expensive airfare. The ticket fee is more costlyContinue reading “Flight to Batanes”

The Great Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

“You are going to Zamboanga? It is a dangerous place!” This is the usual statement I hear from friends, family and acquaintances. Every time they say that, I always end up explaining that Zamboanga City is a progressive and safe place even for tourists…hey don’t misunderstand me I am only referring to the city, beyondContinue reading “The Great Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City”

Pahiyas Festival

Summer or dry is the most awaited season the country. Why, because this is the best time to go island hopping and frolic in the white sandy beach under the clear blues skies. But..hey did you know that there are so many reasons why you should spend summer in the Philippines aside from beach hopping?Continue reading “Pahiyas Festival”

Stations of the Cross at Marian Orchard, Batangas

The Holy Week is observed in the Philippines because this is predominantly a Catholic country. However as years passby, there are noticeable changes on how our society observe the Holy Week. More and more people are traveling and enjoying during this holy season rather than celebrating in a more traditional way. On the other hand,Continue reading “Stations of the Cross at Marian Orchard, Batangas”

Jaro Cathedral Visit

Visiting museums and centuries old churches is always in my travel (business or leisure) to-do list. Just recently while waiting for a known supermarket to open to conduct trade check ( I arrived in the area at 9am) I decided to visit Jaro Cathedral which is canonically known as Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and the NationalContinue reading “Jaro Cathedral Visit”

Sagada Accident and Recovery

February 22, 24 and March 1 are very unforgettable date for me. One year ago on that same dates, an unexpected event happened while I was on a holiday. I was spelunking with a friend in Sagada, even recommended the most difficult trail which is the Cave Connection. The latter is a demanding trail thatContinue reading “Sagada Accident and Recovery”


If you will go on a road trip, which do you prefer being the driver or the passenger? If I am to answer that question, that would depends on how far and long the trip would be. If it is a short trip (short for me is no more than 100kms) then I would preferContinue reading “OF ROAD TRIP AND LANDSCAPES”

Bulacan Chicharon, Pasalubong And More

Traffic condition in Bulacan especially in key cities will surely raise your blood pressure to the roof! But hey there are other things that will elevate your BP yet these are the good, sinful goodies that you can take home as pasalubong. YES! I took them home and I was happy with them so IContinue reading “Bulacan Chicharon, Pasalubong And More”